Bankhaus erbe



The Bank is not exposed to the lack of liquidity experienced by some of the other banks because of our stable base of clients (individuals and corporations) and the absence of loans and other forms of financing, attracted from foreign lenders. This circumstance considerably reduces loss-of-liquidity risk and market risks, in particular, interest rate risk for the Bank. Moreover, the Bank does not engage in retail loans for individuals, which also essentially lowers main risks for the Bank.

The main strategic challenges of the Bank in these market conditions are:

  • Sustain achieved competitive advantages due to high reliability and level of services to Private banking individual clients and large corporations;
  • Expand in the sectors of Private banking services, wholesale lending for corporations and foreign exchange operations;
  • Maintain a steady client base;
  • Correspond with the criteria for members of Compulsory Deposit Insurance System.

We rely on the following resources to achieve our goals:

  • Large corporate clients from food commodities, agricultural products processing, wholesale food trade, logistics, textile manufacturers and traders, suppliers of construction materials, equipment manufacturers, energy companies;
  • Loyal individual clients;
  • Compound and individual approach to serving a client;
  • Qualified employees;
  • Costs reduction;
  • Efficient consideration and fast feedback on applications;
  • Flexibility in client relations;
  • Competitive terms and conditions;
  • Updated information and latest computer technologies;
  • Legal and financial advice to a client;
  • Highest level of liquidity and financial stability.