Bankhaus erbe



The Bank provides loans to corporations doing its best to meet the requirements of a customer. Therefore, the Bank offers a wide variety of credit products, such as overdrafts, lines of credit, revolving credits, short-term financing, long-term investment loans, corporate mortgages, bridge financing with further securitization. We provide tailor made lending products for our largest borrowers in order to meet all the needs of a client starting from current trade financing to financing of capital investments. Loans to major domestic industrial and trading food industry, agricultural products processing and textile companies, energy providers and utilities, industrial eqipment manufacturers, partially in support of their import and export contracts remains the key area of our corporate finance business. We believe that these industries provide for high-speed cash flow and growing demand for their products from the population, due to the boosting revenues of households in Russia.

The Bank provides professional expertise and project analysis the clients. We have organized and co-provided project financing for a number of our major clients, such as Moscow State Mint (contract with the Indian Government for production of Indian coins), leading Russian food commodities manufacturer "Miratorg" (construction of logistics centers in the Moscow Region with IFC co-financing) and others.

We provide tailor made Private Banking services for clients with large funds starting with 200000 USD which include personal financial advise, compounding of a whole range of portfolios with various profitability as well as profound financial and legal supervision of client's activities.

An important part of delivering a comfortable banking experience is upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, professionalism and security. We are dedicated to helping our customers conduct their financial affairs in a safe, private manner and we meet or exceed industry guidelines developed to protect consumers.

At Bankhaus Erbe, we are committed to providing the best possible service to each and every customer. We value business with our clients and will do our utmost to ensure their relationship with us is a long and satisfying one.

We understand that trust of our clients is the key issue of the Bank's financial stability and prosperity. Therefore, in order to preserve high level of liquidity, the Bank holds significant deposits in Russian rubles on its correspondent accounts with the Central Bank of Russia as well as deposits in USD and Euro in first class foreign banks.

Currency exchange and transaction services play a key role in the Bank's business. Since many of our customers are importers, we provide attractive offers for currency exchange and banking in Moscow.