Bankhaus erbe



Bankhaus Erbe is the only bank in Moscow that specializes exclusively in providing Private banking services to wealthy individuals and in servicing large corporate clients.

Bankhaus Erbe is the first private bank in Russia which provides Private banking services, following the traditions of Swiss banking. We believe that the name Bankhaus Erbe clearly translates our brand’s core “Culture of family’s wealth management” to potential clients.

The clients are offered a whole range of portfolios with various profitability – from conservative portfolios, composed of instruments with fixed income, such as term deposits, to more aggressive ones, mainly composed of securities, including units of Investment Mutual Fund, managed by the Bank. We also offer our clients well balanced portfolios, combining instruments with fixed income and stocks, aiming at achievement of high profitability of the portfolio in general. This approach is efficient with the investments starting from 200000 USD (Private banking threshold).

When placing investments for our clients, we observe the following principles:

  • The coordination of the term of deposit and the maturity of investment, insuring that the maturity of the loans coincides with the maturity of corresponding deposits;
  • Elimination of currency exchange risks: the investment currency follows the currency of the deposit;
  • Lending to large corporations - trustworthy borrowers only;
  • The Bank does not offer consumer credits, generally characterized by higher risks.
  • This approach allows us to offer low risk investment opportunities for our clients.

The Bank provides services to large corporations – borrowers, working in the dynamically developing fields of industry, agriculture, transport, trade and services. Our borrowers have impeccable credit history and a vast experience in their businesses. Absolute majority of our borrowers are indisputable leaders in their spheres of business, all of them have well structured balance and liquid securitization. Over the whole history of the Bank, starting with the change of its shareholders and management in 1998, the Bank has not had a single case of unreturned loan or interest unpaid.

The Bank will consider the credit application of potential borrowers for the sums, starting at 1000000 USD.